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  • FIFA world cup 2026 host cities
  • FIFA world cup 2026 schedule
  • Why is the 2026 World Cup between three countries?
  • FIFA World cup 2026 total no. of teams
  • FIFA World cup 2026 ticket on sale
  • FIFA World cup 2026 ticket cost
  • FIFA World cup 2026 final stadium

Greatest game play on the earth mens football, tournament 23rd FIFA world cup 2026 has been announced on friday June 16 2022. The football tournament world cup has been scheduled in  continents-north America in three countries and sixteen cities.

The most anticipated announcement was broadcast on a tv show with Fox and Telemundo from New York. The broadcast was live to host countries as well as the whole world. 

The bid to host the football tournament won the three countries after beating Morocco in 2018 as a majority of FIFA’s congress voted in favor of three countries. These three countries will play a total of 48 teams in this tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2026 host countries

FIFA world cup president announce the FIFA world cup 2026  host countries are three, that name’s is following-

  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. U.S.A

We look forward to working together with them to deliver what will be an unprecedented FIFA World Cup and a game-changer as we strive to make football truly global,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

This has always been a FIFA World Cup of three countries, and that undoubtedly will have a tremendous impact on the whole region and the wider football community, added FIFA Vice President and Concacaf President Victor Montagliani.

All Details of host countries Canada, mexico and USA


The host country, Canada, is going to host for the first time in their history . The Canadian people’s love for football is increasing as compared to the past . In Canada, the newly formed premier league started in 2017 and played its first season in 2019 featuring eight clubs . This league will have an important impact on the FIFA world cup 2026. In Canada are three major teams as following-

  • Montreal impact
  • Vancouver white caps
  • Toronto fc

These teams represent the three largest metropolitan areas. In the football tournament world cup 2026 this country will make more history with co-host country USA and Mexico.


Canada belongs to the North American continent. It has ten provinces and three territories starting from the Atlantic ocean to Pacific ocean and northward into the Arctic ocean covering over 9.98 million square kilometers that makes its world second largest country by total area.


The weather of the country’s winter and summer high temperature  in Canada varies widely from region to region. Winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, minimum temperature goes -40 °C and maximum 40  °C .


The official languages are English and French . English is the mother tongue of about 56 percent of the population while French is the mother tongue of about 21 percent of Canadians.

Calling code-                                        +1

Driving side –                                     right side

Currency-                                         Canadian dollar ($)

2. Mexico


Mexico is going to do something big in fifa world cup history hosting countries because of its 3rd time hosting tournament world cup 2026. The first time was hosted in 1970 and second time after sixteen years in 1986. Now the 3rd time in 2026 after 1986.

Match Football arrived in Mexico at the end of the 19th century, becoming the country’s most popular sport over time. It goes without saying then that, on its return to Mexico, the FIFA World Cup will generate an unrivalled atmosphere and wonderful passion in the stands.


  •  Mexico  official named the United Mexican States is a country in the southern portion of North America
  • It is bordered to the north by United States , to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean , to the southeast by Guatemala Belize and the Caribbean sea and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico
  • Mexico is the fourteenth largest country in the world, covering an area of 1,964,375 square kilometers.
  • It has a population of nearly 125 million, with some 20 million living in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico.
  • The country boasts remarkable biodiversity, including a wide variety of ecosystems and landscapes that feature mountains, beaches, forests, deserts and jungles.


  • The weather  of Mexico is quite varied due to the country’s size and topography. The Tropic of Cancer effectively divides the country into temperate and tropical zones.
  • While the country has vast expanses of beaches and shoreline, its most popular tourist area is along its Caribbean coast, where those vacationing can enjoy splendid sunshine.
  • Its winter temperature goes minimum 5 °C and in summer maximum  goes to 50°C.


  • The official language of Mexico is Spanish. However, a series of indigenous languages are spoken there too, the three most common being Nahuatl, Maya and Tzeltal.

Calling code–                        +52

Driving side –                         right side 

Currency                               mexican peso(MXN)

3. USA


The United States of America (USA) is preparing to host the greatest show on the earth once again, FIFA world cup 2026. The country is only of five others countries to host more than one men’s FIFA world cup including co-host Mexico 2026.

First time hosting the world cup  in 1994 with  fans a record total attendance of 3,587,538 spectators. After this host creation of domestic club competition started Major League Soccer (MLS) soon  with the inaugural league match taking place just two years later in the spring of 1996. 

Today the league is thriving, having recently celebrated its 25th season and expanded to 26 clubs (and with more planned in the future).

Soccer culture has grown immensely in the USA since the 1994 World Cup. In a country that contains a multitude of backgrounds, cultures, heritages, football has found its home and its place in society.


  • USA is the 3rd largest country by both land and total area, and 3rd most populous  country in the world (over 328 million) behind only India and China. In the north it shares a border with co-hosts Canada and in the south with co-hosts Mexico. Being such a vast nation, there’s a huge variety of climate types and geography.
  • The national capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city and financial center is New York City.
  • From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park to the Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges on the Pacific coast to the Appalachian Mountains and the Great Lakes, just to name a few, the USA has almost any environment you could be looking for.


The USA has its large size and geographic variety, including most climate types. To the east of the 100th meridian, the climate ranges from humid continental in the north to humid subtropical in the south.The summer months can be quite warm depending on where you are of course. The southeast region and the south, including Texas, tend to be more humid and hot than the northeast and northwest regions, 


The country has no official language recognised by the country’s federal government, English is the most commonly spoken language (about 80 percent of the population) and Spanish is the second-most spoken language (about 13 percent of the population).

Calling code-                         +1

Driving side–                         right side 

Currency-                                dollar

FIFA world cup 2026 host cities

The host cities is divided into three regions and total host cities are sixteen(16)

  1. East 
  2. Central 
  3. west

Host cities name in eastern region

In the east region total cities are five 

  1. Toronto
  2. Boston
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Miami
  5. New York new Jersey

Host cities name in the central region

In the central region total cities are six

  1. Kansas city 
  2. Dallas
  3. Atlanta
  4. Houston
  5. Monterrey
  6. Mexico city

Host cities name in the western region

In the western region total cities are five

  1. Vancouver
  2. Seattle
  3. San francisco
  4. Los angeles
  5. Guadalajara

Why is the 2026 World Cup between three countries?

The football  federations of the U.S.A Canada and Mexico agreed to submit a joint bid to FIFA to host the tournament  competition. The bid won in 2018, with a majority of FIFA’s congress voting to grant rights to the three nations. 

The World Cup has been jointly hosted once before, in 2002 by South Korea and Japan. This is the first time in history  three nations will host the World Cup.

FIFA World cup 2026 schedule 

FIFA officially did not announce a complete schedule for the men’s world cup 2026. The World Cup may kick-off on June 8 and will continue until July 3, 2026.

FIFA World cup 2026 total no. of teams

FIFA in 2017 voted to expand the World Cup 2026 from 32 teams to 48 teams. It will consist of 16 groups of three, with the top two teams in each group advancing to a round of 32. 

FIFA World cup 2026 ticket on sale 

Officially the date of ticket sale was not announced but according to past schedule sales start before the opening match ten to twelve months. As announced we will update.

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FIFA World cup 2026 ticket cost

FIFA has not officially announced pricing information, but ticket prices for the opening match of the 2022 World Cup were as low as $54 for Qatar residents and $302 for non-Qatar residents as of Nov. 16. The cheapest group stage match tickets were priced at approximately $11 for locals and $69 for fans from abroad. 

It’s unclear if FIFA will offer discounted ticket prices for U.S., Canada and Mexico residents as it did for the residents of 2022’s host nation. 

FIFA World cup 2026 final stadium

The details of all stadium matches were not announced officially by FIFA. We will update as we announce the complete schedule.

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