FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets Price

The ticket price information regarding world cup-2026 officially has not been declared till now. As FIFA world cup tickets data, the tickets price and booking start 11 to 12 months before the opening ceremony date. The ticket price currency depends on the hosting countries .

The world cup 2026 hosting countries are Canada, Mexico and the United States so the ticket price will be in dollars.

Required dacument for ticket booking

The fans have a valid identity proof of their native country and should have converted their country currency into as FIFA decided the ticket price currency of the hosting country . In 2026 hosting countries’ currency is dollars so other countries’ fans convert in dollars. Can not take entry in the stadium without valid identity proof.

The ticket price depends on category. There are four categories for individual match tickets and group matches.

The ticket price of world cup 2026 has not been confirmed till now but we will update as FIFA officially declared.

2026 ticket price fans can take ideas from ticket price of FIFA world cup 2022 and 2018 as following data…

Obstructed view point ticket price world cup- 2022

Qatari Riyal(QAR)Category-1Category-2Category-3Category-4$ 2022$ 2018
Opening match(N 1)880660440100$69-220$220-550
Group Matches(N 2-48)20015010020$69-220$105-210
Round of 16(N49-56)28021014040$96-250$115-245
Quarter- Finals(N 57-60)600450300150$205-425$175-365
Semi-Finals(N 61-62)1040780520250$357-995$285-750
3rd place match(N63)600450300150$605-1002$175-365
Final(N 64)17601320880380$605-1002$175-365

Individual match ticket prices world cup-2022

Qatar(riyal)category-1category-2category-3category-4Accessibility tickets
Opening match(N 1)225016001100200200
Group Matches(N 2-48)8006002504040
Round of 16(N49-56)10007503507070
Quarter- Finals(N 57-60)15501050750300300
Semi-Finals(N 61-62)348024001300500500
3rd place match(N63)15501100750300300
Final(N 64)585036502200750750

The world cup ticket 2026 booking- the fans wiil book tickets online on FIFA world cup official

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